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Elderly Care Alarms

  • Author:Frank Long from Tymin
  • Release on :2018-08-24
Are you worried about a family member, friend or neighbour’s safety when they are home independant ? Could they do with a little additional help to keep them safe at home? A care alarm can offer the additional safety and peace of mind that you need.

A care alarm is a sos help device that allows an individual to call for help from anywhere within their home. The user wears a pendant, or a sos watch pendant at home. If he or she have a fall, or feel unwell, they press the button and the care alarm will call through to the call center or the one whose phone number is programmed in the phone in advance.
care alarms can be an essential tool in maintaining independent living. The ability to call for help when they cannot get to the phone can be the life saving. care alarms give additional peace of mind for the family and friends, and increased safety for the alarm wearer.

Tymin range of care alarms offer great features:
(1)Care alarm button that can be worn as a pendant or a wristband
(2)Up to 30-40-watch pendant or 70-80-necklace pendant range, covers most people’s homes and gardens
(3)SOS watch is IP65 – designed for use in the bath or shower
(4)24/7 response whenever help is needed
The benefits of a care alarm include:
(5)Independent living, safer and for longer
(6)Increased safety and protection for the alarm wearer
(7)Get help when you need it, wherever you are in the home or garden
(8)Peace of mind for family, friends and loved ones

Tymin also offers a broad range of other types of personal alarms that can be used to help elderly remain independent and stay safe.
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