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SOS Care Alarm Device for Old Man easy Fall

SOS Care Alarm Device for Old Man easy Fall

  • Model: TM-S003
  • Type: Telephone with SOS speed-dial button
  • Application: Senior/Disabled people
  • Material: ABS mainly
  • Color: White,Black or Customized
  • Logo Printing: Our "Tymin" Logo or customized
  • Battery: 4AA battery or AC adapter
  • Remote control : Supports up to 5 Wireless controllers
  • Dimension: 23*7.5*22.5 cm
  • Net Weight: 0.9 KG

SOS Care Alarm Device for Old Man easy Fall

It is more than a standard everyday telephone

It's a Medical Alert Device Telephone
Specially designed for the seniors/disabled

☆Emergency number speed dialing
☆Remote control( 20-30m)
    ●Pick up the phone
    ●Dial out emergency number
☆5 wireless remote controllers
☆3 one-touch-to-dial buttons for special numbers  
☆10 groups of emergency phone numbers memories
☆Voice information recording for SOS emergency call
☆LED indicator for incoming calls
☆Amplified speakerphone for senior people

When an alarm is activated, the phone automatically dials the first of ten pre-programmed telephone numbers. If the call is not answered, the second pre-programmed telephone number will be dialed,followed by the third if the second is not answered, then fourth, the fifth...... If the calls are not answered, the phone will repeat this process until someone pick up the calls. When the call is answered, the pre-recorded emergency message is played. Then the person will know what is happening and take measures timely.

Safety of our loved ones is our priority always. When it comes to seniors in the family, the need is much more than others. Accidents happen without any intimidation, and even the smallest of stumble or slightest pain and injury can lead to risks if not treated on time. Seniors are at more risk of accidents and mishaps at home. And the lonely turmoil of events can pose serious mental and physical risks. Medical alert systems for seniors are gadgets designed for the help of the aged and elderly in case of any emergency, all at the push of a button. These systems work round the clock everyday, and connects you to your family, friends, neighbors, or even the police, to get help in any emergency. These are safety gadgets that are most important for unattended seniors. These alert systems give them the freedom to enjoy and live a peaceful and safe life indoors, without any worries. These gadgets also give the loved ones and family a sense of security, a feeling of relief, and that in case of any problem they will be contacted immediately.

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