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Advantages of Using a Medical Alert System

  • Author:Tymin Health Care
  • Release on :2016-10-20
Medical alert systems give family members piece of mind that their loved ones who live independently will be taken care of, and these systems can drastically increase response times in an emergency and improve the chances of recovery.
Stay Safe
A medical alert system cannot protect you from danger, but it can save precious minutes in an emergency, which can prevent an accident from turning into a tragedy. According to the CDC, more than 30 percent of people aged over 65 fall at least once. Many of these falls cause hip fractures, which are serious injuries that frequently lead to other long-term damage, disability and admittance into long-term care centers. Moreover, falling is only one concern associated with aging adults. Other concerns include stroke, heart attack and failing to turn off major appliances that may cause fires or other home disasters.
Many personal alarm systems not only alert others to your emergency, but also have add-on features, like smoke and carbon monoxide detection, that give your home comprehensive protection.
Maintain Independence & Save Money
In certain situations, family members may prefer an elderly relative or disabled adult to live with them in a family home or move into a nursing facility. While these concerns are valid, giving up independence is not an easy task. Maintaining your independence increases your quality of life and overall life satisfaction. Having a reliable medical alert device allows you to sustain your independence for a longer period without loved ones worrying about your well-being.
Staying in your own home can also help you keep costs low. Assisted living facilities generally start at around $3,500 a month for a single-room apartment and only get more expensive from there. Medical alert systems bridge the gap between staying home and needing care that is more advanced. While they cannot replace advanced care, they are a reasonably priced option if you do not need constant care.
Increase Emergency Response Times
In emergencies, every second matters. If injured in a fall, it is unlikely that you will be able to access the phone or call for assistance. Often times, adults living alone can go hours or even days before help arrives.
In instances like a heart attack, the chances of survival decline by roughly 10% for each minute a patient goes without assistance from first responders. A medical alert system can set the wheels of care in motion to ensure that this time is not wasted and that assistance is dispatched as soon as possible.

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