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But what if I………. a call for help is always within reach. By hand or even automatically

  • Author:Frank and Peter
  • Release on :2018-11-10
It’s a pity that we live in a society where informal care is not always obvious anymore.

And so, more and more elderly, but also disabled and disadvantaged, people live alone have insufficient emergency backup.

But what if
You fall
You get a stroke
You get otherwise unwell or injured
You are stranded with an empty battery in your scoot Mobil
You are lost
You are being harassed or worse
or something else happens that makes you need help as quickly as possible
And there is no help!!??

Therefor we at Tymin Healthcare have developed a smart personal alarm device, which you can wear around your neck or waist belt so that it’s always keep contact.So we can safely say that our ‘cloverleaf’ is a smart and multifunctional device which can give you the reassurance to go where you like again with the knowledge that a call for help is always within reach. By hand or even automatically!!

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