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Emergency alert systems telephone from Tymin Health Care

  • Author:Tymin Health Care
  • Release on :2016-10-20

This Emergency alert systems telephone is more than a standard everyday telephone. It also performs a number of functions like Medical Emergency Response Systems do. When the seniors are caught in an emergency situation and the alert is activated (by pressing the SOS alert button around their neck or on their wrist), the phone automatically dials the first of ten pre-programmed telephone numbers. If the call is not answered, the second pre-programmed telephone number will be dialed,followed by the third if the second is not answered, then fourth, the fifth...... If the calls are not answered, the phone will repeat this process until someone pick up the calls. When the call is answered, the pre-recorded emergency message is played. Then the person will know what is happening and take measures timely.

This SOS Emergency alert Telephone is ideal for the seniors and disabled, applications including residential, public safety, health care, nursing home, nursery school, etc. It undertakes the mission of protecting all of the seniors in the world, to give them a Life security.

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