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Feel tired of forgetting or losing?

  • Author:Tymin Health Care
  • Release on :2016-11-08
If you are someone who often worries about losing your keys then you might want to check out the Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder Alarm. This is a small unit which attaches to your keyring and adds the ability to easily and quickly locate your keys using your smartphone. Once all setup and activated, if you cannot find your keys then you can simply open the app and hit the find key feature and the small attachment will sound off audibly so that you can identify the keys whereabouts. In fact due to the device’s design, it does not have to only be used as a keys finder. You can quite easily attach the device to your bag, purse or any item that you do not want to lose.

Besides, it would be a good helper for those seniors who live alone and are more likely to forget key when going out. Also, when going travel or to the market,square, it would be of great help too to prevent the kid getting lost from the crowd by attach this anti lost alarm to them.
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