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Never Lose anything again!

  • Author:Tymin Health Care
  • Release on :2016-11-07
Two essential contents of your pocket or bag are your phone and keys. No keys means you'll be waiting outside for someone to let you in and no phone means you can't call someone to let you in.

This Anti-Lost Device & Key Finder & Anti lost alarm tracker could just be the perfect device to make sure your keys and phone stay close at hand.

Once you have paired the Anti-Lost Finder accessory with your mobile phone, an alarm will sound from the phone and the Anti-Lost Finder if you stray too far away or your phone is moved away from you without permission. The distance the alarm sounds can be set in the free app for complete customisation.

The alarm can also be used to locate keys, bags, wallets, purses and other valuable items. Simply attach the Anti-Lost Finder accessory to your chosen item and trigger the alarm from your phone to locate your property by following the beeping sound it creates.

The remote shutter function is invaluable for taking photos or selfies without having to touch your phone, which is especially useful if your phone is mounted on a tripod or simply to assist you in achieving a steadier shot. Using the free app, simply click the button on the Anti-Lost Finder accessory to trigger a photo or to begin and stop video recording.

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