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Tymin's Mission

  • Author:Frank Long from Tymin
  • Source:Frank Long
  • Release on :2018-09-12
Thanks to advances in technology, human life has increased, and most people can live to 70-90 years old.

But when people enter the old age, the function of the human body begins to degenerate, decaying, and ultimately affecting life. In the end, the children and relatives will always remember when they go to work, but it is impossible to run home all the time.

There are more and more elderly people around the world, which is a trend and the result of technological advancement. Therefore, how to enable the elderly to maintain a relatively independent life, and let the children feel at ease to work, pension companies and products have emerged.

Because the elderly are prone to fall, slip, dementia, and other high blood pressure diseases, related services such as pension service solutions companies, related products such as fall alarms, anti-lost locators and other products have emerged.

Tymin is committed to developing and manufacturing related hardware service products such as SOS Care Phone, GPS Locator, and Falling Loss Prevention. At the same time, we are committed to research and development of OEM products for related pension service companies to improve their services.

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